Ronnie Needham Reasons to Give

Ronnie Needham Reasons to Give

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Most of us have lost someone to an illness or a loved one with a certain kind of an illness, it seems that we are more likely to get involved when tragedy strikes at home.

For me it was my father who got Dementia an extremely hard and sad illness to go through until you see someone you love with Dementia you really have no idea you lose them a piece at a time a little bit at a time. My grandmother had breast cancer, and this again was very tough my mother died from the lung cancer an awfully hard death.

The bracelet has five crystals reasons to give or to help those in need with 1. Your time, 2. Helping cook for them, 3. Giving them a ride to the doctor, 4. Emotional support, 5. Money.

I have found out that in life the more you give from purity of heart then the more God sends to you so you can give more away.

Please be generous and kind to the incredibly young and to the very old.