Ronnie The Love of Your Life

Ronnie The Love of Your Life

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Finding that speical friend or your soul mate is one of the most important journeys you will ever go on. Love and being in a relationship is work.

In life anything great is hard work but it really is worth it, the goal is to find love, fall in love and stay together forever. Grow old together with mutal respect.

My grandmother told me love needs watering each day and every day. Love  either grows a little bit each day or it dies a little bit each day.

Here is my Grandmothers best advice to have a long relationship

  1. If you cant say something nice its best not to talk at all.
  2. Do not go to bed mad; make up so you don’t break up.
  3. Pray daily for your signifant other.
  4. Talk less listen more.
  5. Do not fight, agree to disagree

My grandmother told me God wants you to be happy its up to you to apply Christian priciples to your life if you do that you will find the love of your life and enjoy growing old together.